“It’s Alive” President McKinley EU DSP

Finally some time to show the initial video of the idea from Konektor5000 in Łódź Poland. Some weeks before they’d asked me what I thought about adding a DSP into a McKinley. I already run one of there modified radios with an external DSP so was interested to see what they had in store. Seemed a crazy idea but they sure could make it there was no doubt!

DSP on and off and the internal levels of the DSP are adjusted via a simple key press from the microphone with this all being implemented via mike button press. AND this is just the start of the changes. Another video will come in a few days with the next information about there “Project McKinley”

And they’ve changed much more! We look at that next time.

*IMPORTANT* To save my ass being beaten again all around Balaruc and other regulatory offices please remember President offer a long and very good warranty on equipment. Modifications destroy all warranty, make the device illegal and in some cases and some modifications splatter boxes! Bare this in mind when playing around with stuff. Best ALWAYS keep the warranty as you never know when you’ll need it.

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