*Unlocked* AE-6120 VOX

Lots of talk and lots of messages about the AE-6120VOX and it’s expandability. So I have again opened mine and tweezer closed the jumper as want the radio in legal mode hmm with sticker is not ok and warranty lost. But here are the details of the channels.

You can’t select the band when radio is on so you need to turn it off and select mode radio when turn it on to select the band. The banding is below so you can see and YES it has U.K. in export mode!

Lowest band is N and this covers 24.890 till 24.990 Mhz. So when fully expanded the radio will work 24.710 till 30.110 Mhz and in the menu is the RU-5K to drop the radio to 0 (zero) ending frequencies. Within this I can find no alphas (@) within the radio although I’d imagined it would be in the firmware seems it’s not.

Audio is 20% louder now on FM AE-6120VOX, AE6110VOX it’s been confirmed new ways are found to increase transmitted audio recently. So, should not be quiet audio on FM. This is factory answer, not from any dealers so guess it’s perfectly acceptable to believe as many have commented on it.

Now other stuff: My radio was sourced locally and I lost all warranty when I cut the warranty seal. I suggest pay the dealer extra if they’ll do it for higher power, don’t break your warranty it’s idiotic. Have an intact seal on your radio. Don’t use frequencies against multi-EU guidelines and most of all enjoy the radio and don’t do anything dumb assed with it.

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