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  1. good evening, I would like to know where I can buy the Cb Huracan HR-07-NZ PROTOTYPE in Italy and on eBay I can not find it I know that the price is around € 150 you could help me I really like that radio


  2. : Hello sire,
    Please help i want to adjust the potmeters like FMdev and more power potmeters i find nothing on the internet can you help me out i hope so.
    Albrecht AE 7500


  3. Vorrei portare il mio midland mini m nella versione exsport mode H ma nn ho capito come fare bisogna chiudere Op1???? Che si intede chiudere????


  4. i have a dead yeasu 875D has no trans. on 6m-160. It has a burn out final transistor power output how much to change it and make it work . I don’t trust yeasu factory service they had 3 x’s to get it right and can’t . I have had it back for 8 months and it failed again. please check set align everything to make sure it All works correctly. I will send along new output transistor’s and i think the heat diode attached to the last power final is also bad. also there is no receive front end on all hf. 160m- 6M. please get back to me as soon as possible. I am impressed with you, you know what your doing. Please send me your address so i can ship it to you and i will provide return shipping also. thank you again. KC7HLW


  5. Hi Simon, why the comments are closed under the section “Sunker Elite 115 CB Antenna “On An Island” ?

    However, we think that this maybe can be interesting for you and some others. We have made the test between Sunker Elite 115 and DV27S.

    Sunker Elite 115 – SWR 1:1,2 – Power 4 Watt FM
    DV27S – SWR 1:1,1 – Power 4 Watt FM

    Tested with stations between 10 to 25 km.

    Surprising results! We got around 6 db more with DV27S under the same conditions. From the station that was around 25 km far away from us we got S-3 with the DV27S, but HE was unable to get even a signal from us with the Sunker Elite 115.

    Sunker Elite 115 looks maybe better, but the old DV27S give you around 6db more.

    All the best,


    • Hi,

      Comments are all same, need be sent with email address so can be approved. Stops spammers etc. Just a way to stop weird and wonderful messages. But you write, comments are approved.

      Thanks for explaining the above


  6. Hi, I have a question about the lafayette evolution article on May I make a link from that article and post only the link on my uniform tango dx group FB page? Because I don’t want to have problems with posting a link. This dx group is related with the 11m band and cb radio’s. Its a very nice article btw!.

    19UT015 divison 19 Netherlands.


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