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  1. I’ve sent an email a couple weeks ago to the guys who produce the VisAir radios. I was particularly interested in their QRP version, how do we acquire it and how much would it cost in USD. No response. Perhaps they’re shut down or emails to their country are filtered. I’d sure like to know answers to my questions. If the radio can be acquired perhaps it needs to route through another country or two.


  2. Hi, please help with Anytone At6666 diagram to wire microphone, wire was brokend and dotn now where they goes
    If you have the entire siagram is better for me.
    Or explane to me the 6 pin position


  3. HY Simon I’m looking for help withy midland m10 screen stopped working just lights up any idea how to repair help please


  4. good evening, I would like to know where I can buy the Cb Huracan HR-07-NZ PROTOTYPE in Italy and on eBay I can not find it I know that the price is around € 150 you could help me I really like that radio


  5. : Hello sire,
    Please help i want to adjust the potmeters like FMdev and more power potmeters i find nothing on the internet can you help me out i hope so.
    Albrecht AE 7500


  6. Vorrei portare il mio midland mini m nella versione exsport mode H ma nn ho capito come fare bisogna chiudere Op1???? Che si intede chiudere????


  7. i have a dead yeasu 875D has no trans. on 6m-160. It has a burn out final transistor power output how much to change it and make it work . I don’t trust yeasu factory service they had 3 x’s to get it right and can’t . I have had it back for 8 months and it failed again. please check set align everything to make sure it All works correctly. I will send along new output transistor’s and i think the heat diode attached to the last power final is also bad. also there is no receive front end on all hf. 160m- 6M. please get back to me as soon as possible. I am impressed with you, you know what your doing. Please send me your address so i can ship it to you and i will provide return shipping also. thank you again. KC7HLW


  8. Hi Simon, why the comments are closed under the section “Sunker Elite 115 CB Antenna “On An Island” ?

    However, we think that this maybe can be interesting for you and some others. We have made the test between Sunker Elite 115 and DV27S.

    Sunker Elite 115 – SWR 1:1,2 – Power 4 Watt FM
    DV27S – SWR 1:1,1 – Power 4 Watt FM

    Tested with stations between 10 to 25 km.

    Surprising results! We got around 6 db more with DV27S under the same conditions. From the station that was around 25 km far away from us we got S-3 with the DV27S, but HE was unable to get even a signal from us with the Sunker Elite 115.

    Sunker Elite 115 looks maybe better, but the old DV27S give you around 6db more.

    All the best,


    • Hi,

      Comments are all same, need be sent with email address so can be approved. Stops spammers etc. Just a way to stop weird and wonderful messages. But you write, comments are approved.

      Thanks for explaining the above


  9. Hi, I have a question about the lafayette evolution article on May I make a link from that article and post only the link on my uniform tango dx group FB page? Because I don’t want to have problems with posting a link. This dx group is related with the 11m band and cb radio’s. Its a very nice article btw!.

    19UT015 divison 19 Netherlands.


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