Modifications III

AT-6666 Microphone Wiring:

M-Tech Legend III Export Mode: Enables Low (c) Mid EU (a) and High (d)

CRT Space U Set Up (October 2018 Edition)

CRT Space V Set Up (October 2018 Edition)

CRT Space V & U Drivers:

President JFK II (V2)

Nanfone CB-589 / M5 ??

Alan 777 Power Modification:

Alan 42 DS Schematic:

Alan 42 DS Extended Features:

Anytone AT-500M (Maybe works VX-2412 / Other Radios)

Icom V80 Unlock (148-174 MHz) For Paraglider’s. Remove the resistor

Anytone AT-5289 Programming Software:

Anytone AT-6666 (V2) Software:

Anytone AT-5555 (V3) Schematic:

Yaesu FT-3DR/E MARS/CAP (Remove 0 Ohm resistor)

President Walker II

President Truman Export. Serial Number After 13800:

Anytone 5555 V6 Schematic :

Midland G-9 Pro Mimetic Jumpers

President Martin (Possible) Taylor IV & Stabo XM3006e

Wire and Jumper = a, b, c 265615-27855 & 2760125-2799125

HP Mode Relocate white wire to two holes (on the left) and FM works better for you