Modifications II

President Ronald 12/10m Manual:

President Jackson Service Manual:

President Johnny III ASC / Harry III ASC Service Manual:

President Johnny II / Harry II ASC, Harry II Classic Service Manual:

President Harry AM/FM Service Manual:

President Harrison Service Manual:

President Grant Service Manual:

President Glenn Service Manual:

President George 1994 Draft Copy Service Manual:

President George 2002 Service Manual:

President George 2005 Service Manual:

President Billy Service Manual:

President Henry ASC 12/24v Service Manual:

President Benjamin Service Manual:

Intek MT-5050 Hidden Features:

Hold: Both Arrow Keys.  Turn Radio On. = Low Power Mode. 0.1w

Hold: Monitor & Down Arrow & Turn Radio On. =Chan 446/Pmr Mode.

Hold: Scan & Up & Down. Turn Radio On. = 69 Lpd 0.1w

Hold: Scan & Down & Menu. Turn Radio On. = 69 Lpd Full Power 4 Watt

Hold: Scan & Monitor.  Turn Radio On. = 99 Channels = 446 + Hi Lo Duplex

Hold: Scan & Monitor & Down. Turn Radio On =69 Lpd Plus PMR 446 8 Channel At Full Power 4w

To Reset, Power Cycle Radio.

Yaesu FT-65 Expanded TX


Turn radio OFF

Press and hold ptt and Tcall (under the ptt)

Turn radio ON

Relase the buttons

insert this number 62406665

The radio reboot and now is expanded.

CRT Micron UV:

1)    Push and hold [ P4] and [FUNC ] keys while turn on the radio 2)  The radio enters in “TEST MODE “and display CH XXX. 3) Turn the channel rotator to displaying CH-043 and MODE 01 4) Push and hold PTT key , 01 will be display in blue color , turn the channel rotator to displaying 02 , then release PTT key . 5) Turn off and on again the radio. 6) The CRT MICRON can work now between 136 to 174 MHz and 400 to 490 MHz.

Uniden 980 SSB: To stop key beep press and hold ANL, Bep On & Bep Of (2016 models only)

Icom 7410 modify for working on 60m band: Remove Diode D1515 on the main unit

CRT 279UV Unlock:

Turn on the CRT 279 UV and immediately after press and hold the right selection button A password menu appears: enter the code 1001201 with the keys of the microphone

Input the VHF frequencies like this: 1361741 which corresponds to the chosen frequency band from 136 Mhz to 174 Mhz Input the UHF frequencies like this: 4004701 which corresponds to the chosen frequency band from 400 Mhz to 470 Mhz

To return to the origin made the reverse procedure 144 Mhz – 146 Mhz and 430 Mhz – 440 Mhz

Anytone AT-588UV Software:

Anytone AT-398UVD Software:

Baofeng DM-5r Software: RAR Password 123456

WOUXUN Unlock & Various Baofeng:

Possible WOUXUN KG-UV9d Unlock:

Kenwood TS-590SG MARS/CAP

Yaesu FT-891 MARS / CAP (HB9TTU)

Anytone Apollo II Software V1:

Yaesu FT-891 MARS/CAP (c) Funktechnik Bielefeld

Above is confirmed ok on U.K. Release 891

Cre8900 Schematic, Software, circuit diagrams, all information:

Kenwood TH-D74 (E) Extended Transmit: Remove R761

Direct link to very many programming softwares all brands:

Baofeng UV 50×3:

Midland G9 Power:

Midland G10:

Midland G8 Power / Bands:

Midland G18 Service Manual:

Midland GB-1: Software + Cable to extend the flexibilitiy and the features of this radio is PRG-GB1 (5w and more)

Midland G7 Change Bands & Power:

Vaesu UV-8DR Programming Software:

Alan HP-450 Service Manual:

CRT 4CF Unlock Bands:

CRT 4CF Software (Prolific Driver 3.2.0)

CRT 4CF Software 1.02:

Midland CT-890 Software:

Alinco DJ-G7e Frequency Unlock:

Alinco DJ-V17 Frequency Unlock:

6 thoughts on “Modifications II

  1. Hi Simon, i don’t suppose the Yaesu FT-891 TX MARS / CAP Mod is available yet is it, i’ve approached Yaesu UK but they refuse to issue me the info

    Kind Regards,


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