Anytone AT-6666 / AT-5555N More Videos Online

So when you speak with Qixiang they tell you the radio is not made, no pieces out in the wild and under development so seems nice to see many out there and in a multitude of countries. At least the process of seeing how the radio receives is now becoming available online.

Below are some videos and indeed the AT-5555N also pops up to let you see how the radio compares

Original Lincoln versus the AT-6666

There are more videos online also of the 5555N but hard with the mobile to add them here. Seems indeed both radios look interesting, indeed VERY interesting it just now the time needed for them to be made available and we know this can take many months and indeed sometimes almost 2 years for them to be realised.

Enjoy the videos and subscribe to the channel as there is much to see and some great information to be found in the videos on the site.

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