Mods 1

CRT 7900v Turbo Unlock

Above mods are for V3 based Mini (AT500m type chassis)

CRT 7900v Turbo Software:

Xiegu G-90 Schematics

AT-5555 Adjustment Potentiometers

Jopix AP-6 Export Mode (25-30 MHz)

Albrecht AE-6290. Connecting a wire between holes works. Nearest front 10m I’m informed and nearest back 12-10m I’m informed but I’ve not tried it.

Jopix GS-60 Enhanced Mode


President Walker II Test Mode

Midland M88 V1.10 VOX Settings

Enabling VOX Menu

President Richard Service Manual

President Richard Test Mode

President Taylor IV Test Mode

Midland M88 V1.10 Etc


Alan 42 DS (Via Online Radio)

Alan 42 DS
RV101 Squelch
RV102 TX S-Meter
RV201 RF S-Meter (RX)
RV202 RF Power
RV203 AM Modulation
RV501 FM Deviation — at on-radio-shop

President Barry II High Power & Channel Mod. Move jumper from 1/2 till 3/4 and re-solder white wire from where it is and move to holes behind. Allows 7w AM and 15-20w FM

Relocate white wire to holes behind original position

Anytone Various As Mentioned

President Walker II Service Manual

Above President Randy II FCC AM/FM

AE6110 VOX Extended EU