This is a new idea for 2013 the “simon the wizard” Blog. Many have asked me to make one and always there was never the right time and never the ideas but in the end it has come to life. The blog will feature mostly CB Radio, Modifications, Reviews and news and views that I find or am told.

The blog developed during 2014 and then during 2015 the hits are more, the ideas more and the hopeful expansion of the blog comes soon. And now 2017 with over 3.0 million views the fun keeps going


CB Radio from 1978 on AM and SSB from 1979-1980 onwards

Think I’m currently President radios oldest, youngest customer.

First time on air first radio President (Active from a car outside a school Greenhouse. Antenna Avanti 6ft)

2017 Celebrating 39 years on air, CB Radio.

Instagram: simonthewizard_blog

Been active from over 30 countries in my time. Still active on air till now.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi again Simon,

    Thanks for the reply to my earlier question. I always enjoy watching your YouTube videos and one that I have came across is the Thunderpole 5 review. I’m looking for a nice 10/11 Meter and I’m toying with buying either the Antron 99 or the Thunderpole 5. Is the Antron 99 pre tuned from the factory? I’m ideally looking for an antenna to cover the U.K and CEPT band and maybe another block of 40 channels. From what I’ve seen, the Antron covers a wider frequency range once set compared to the TP5 and I’m thinking of ease of use should I decide to switch frequencies later on it’s only a matter of turning the tuning rings on the Antron compared to cutting or having to buy another whip section like I would with the TP5.

    What’s your take on both?



    • Morning Mike

      Sorry for the delay I was out of the country. Yes you are correct the A99 will come tuned (normally mid band) and will be fine on the SWR from around 28400 down to 26500 and then a small twist of the rings can make the SWR better up the band or lower down the band. Thunderpole 5 on average will be more narrow banded and run maximum id say 80 channels and some instances maybe 120 but seems to depend on installation, QTH and other matters.
      TP5 comes with either the whip cut or you measure and cut the whip, antron will be ready almost from the box. Sure you need check the rings are locked and that the SWR is ok with the meter but should on the whole be fine. Ive worked myself in the lifetime of my A99 maybe 200 countries or more and this year the TP5 or the Skipmaster 2011 as I use both have netted me 85 countries so works well also.
      But for the wider amount of frequencies then you do need the A99

      Warm Wishes


  2. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have just seen another amends to throw a spanner in the works…. It’s a Thunderpole Galaxy 5/8. I see that you have also done a short video review on it. I’m planning on mounting a 11 Meter antenna onto a 21ft scaffold pole so with any of the 3 I’ve seen height is not an issue is more ease of use in terms of coverage and this antenna seems a better compromise as its shorter and it covers the mid block and UK 40 with ease plus up to 28.555 from what I’ve seen mentioned.Other than the extra length of the TP5, is there any reason why I should look at the TP5 over the galaxy 5/8??

    Merry Christmas Simon 🙂



    • Hi Mike,

      I use at the moment the Thunderpole Galaxy 5/8 which I bought from the maker as the Sigma Eurocomm Skipmaster 2011 which was an idea I had when added a Fire-UP tip from an A99 in the top of the original antenna that Paul and Terry designed and from that, via prototype came the Skipmaster 2011. Mine at the moment is located some 6fr from the ground on a small pole and makes for me 26965-27991 and needs some tuning to really make it work more with that (with ease) but I like mine. 4.35m Long and worked in the past weeks: UK, America, Spain, New Caledonia, Reunion Island, Austria @450km away from me, Poland, all with 50w and DX5000 so not moaning.
      The antenna needs at least a clear horizon, meaning no metal roof nearby as effects the SWR, it can hear well, seems to take the storms here also.
      SO, yes take a look at http://www.sigmaeurocomm.co.uk as they make the antennas and also look at the A99 as it will give more bandwidth but at the moment I am on the Galaxy 5.8 here and the A99 is lay on the floor in the spare room on the pole for erecting in the air. Was going do it today, weather and time changed my mind
      Read you soon, and huge greetings for a Merry Christmas back to you also

      Simon 73


  3. Hi Simon, just read your latest on the home-page, I’ve got to say that when you mention to keep our eyes peeled for a very keenly priced 0-30Mhz rig, I had been wondering just how long it would take. My latest radio, the Yaesu FT450d took a dive in price recently, also it’s made in China, I’m no rocket scientist, but I can put 2 and 2 together!
    73s, Andy, 26CT636. (Monster)


  4. Hello.
    I just purchased a Thunderpole Galaxy 5/8 and i was wondering will the Fire-up tip which is designed Antron 99 fit the
    Thunderpole Galaxy 5/8 ? and what does it work like.
    please let me know when you got time.
    Thank You
    Wayne, 26FB3456


    • Hi Wayne. Yes it fits but for me i had a few swr issues and top heavy weight in strong wind. When got swr ok it worked well. Mine was a Sigma EU fire up and not original A99.


  5. Simon,

    I just wanted to let you know that have purchased the new 447 hpc2, according to Stryker I am the first buyer in Texas

    Now my reviews of this radio is in few select words chosen:

    I am very impressed with features
    It is a great talking little radio
    Very good recieve
    And list goes on and on

    I am 318 (rubberduck) from the lone star state


    • Hi There 318 that’s brilliant news indeed. Not seen, heard or wasn’t sure they were out there now so brilliant and very kind of you to let me know. If you make any videos etc or wish to tell all here about the radio then use the contact and drop me a line, blog is yours to feature it.



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