President Lincoln II V4 Not Coming

I’ve recently posted that there is no V4 on the horizon. I emailed the service department and asked and no was the answer.

So hey! Please don’t email me about V4 as just last week was not happening. There was only 1000 V1 produced and those are history. V2 was original first series updated and modified. V3 is the current and continued production radio. Later in time it will loose the V3 as dealers will have just the new stock.

So don’t wait, if the service staff at President say “non” then No is the answer.

*PC Programming

Does not seem available in V1, V2 or V3 so that’s that for now. Service personal use the port for internal use I was told. So don’t ask more as don’t know more, sorry.

So be careful of those telling information that seems hard to believe. Better to buy and enjoy than wait for something that could never appear..