Sirio Turbo 5000 On DU009

So there was heavy fog, cold temperatures but good enough to go and sit on an island for a few hours and see what was happening. On arrival the weapons of choice were decided. The radio would be the V3 Lincoln II with the modified AT6666 hand mike with new OEM electret capsule and the antennas would be the Sirio Turbo 5000 and the President ML145 would be put into service.


There was incredible noise from Russia either via taxi on all frequencies above 26200 and if not enough then there was the joy of the Over The Horizon radar that seemed to be hitting Hungary pretty good today


The weapon of choice below:


And the second antenna:


So what did we get?

Mario 13OT001 was the nearest from me with 647km, my antenna was the Sirio 5000

Portugal, Wales, Spain, England, Brazil, France, Martinique, Italy, Eire, Scotland, Denmark, Germany

So not bad at all, simple radio, simple antenna, nothing fancy and was working really well.

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