Team Ham MobileCom 1011 V2

It indeed seems the times are always changing. News is in that the popular Team Ham MobileCom 1011 which utilises the QX6666 chassis has now been updated to V2 in the specification. This is based on the new software labelled 2.0.1 which is now released and the revision of firmware shown as V2.0


The information is easily verified as the radio now comes with CTCSS/DCS board fitted and when testing the menu and the software it shows that the radio has V2.0 firmware where as the first radios are supplied V1.0

So updates are ongoing like with others, although Team has not labelled them as a V1 and then the V2 version. I am sure many of us remember that it happened with the AT5555 when you tried to program it and got a message something like “You are trying to program a radio with V5 firmware with V4 software, this can cause errors”

Indeed am waiting to hear the news of what has changed, the software for the PC is the same, with all the usual suspects. Just interesting what has been altered to make the user experience more interesting.

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