Silver Limited Edition Jackson II

Limited Edition and in silver. People have waited for a silver President and seems maybe according to online it will come sometime soon. Time I don’t know, cost I don’t know, I don’t know anything except silver and limited 


I have to say it looks better in silver (buttons are easier to see) than the white on black like the black version. What is on the inside I don’t know so don’t ask me.

But can be just photoshop image too? The long wait starts now….

Maybe as they return to the USA it is time for new radios, we have seen a silver walker and now a silver Jackson II

If it comes for sale all I can say is this “Markus 1 piece please” 

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6 thoughts on “Silver Limited Edition Jackson II

  1. Personally I prefer the black Presidents as they seem to keep their finish better. One the silver ones start to scratch they look awful. The Jacko 2 does look nice, hopefully the finish will be durable.


  2. And that thought is, save your money. £250 for a rig that doesn’t even have a frequency counter. Naff settings for export mode. And if I remember rightly, it is only a single final output, not dual.


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