Yanton TM-8600 50w Dual Band Mobile

Expect to see this radio on the shores of the EU soon, maybe not in this name but will be coming sure soon. This radio is a 136-174 and 400-480MHz dual band mobile radio that comes with 60w VHF high power and 45w UHF and has three power settings. CTCSS/DCS on board, voice command and also PC programming

For us the PMR men the radio has the all important 6.25khz step and also can be ordered with frequency 220-260MHz as an option also, so that’s something to be thinking about. Does not seem to be an option for tri-band but just two of the three selected bands.


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One thought on “Yanton TM-8600 50w Dual Band Mobile

  1. Decent power output, if not the prettiest radio in the world. Cost will be a factor. I just bought a QYT KT-8900, which seems to be alright, except for the software, needs to be included in CHIRP. £59 delivered, no cable, that will cost £6 delivered. Okay, it is about half the power, but 2m isn’t that busy and 70cm is dead, so it really just needs to be able to get you into quite a few localish repeaters.


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