All Cars Can Have a CB 

We have actually taken this photo from the Facebook page from the excellent SRCB in Romania which goes to show you why the small radios are indeed in such popular demand. Try and fit a big radio in a small space and you have issues, so check out this plug and play mobile solution which the store has installed in a Mercedes

It shows the excellent AE-6110 and the antenna is a PNI Extra 45 (Impossible to get to test, impossible)

So no matter what car you have, there is space for a radio. Myself I am using the President Virginia or New York which with the AE-6110 export modified is also a perfect plug and play solution for travelling along.

The website: Photos are (c) SRCB

Great to see CB radio again being widely installed across the EU. And as well as our colleagues from Poland it is amazing to see so many Romanian cars on the road with CB antennas from all companies. Sirio, Hustler, Avanti, PNI, President all in the wind. Great really the enthusiasm.

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