CRT CB Collection

CRT have released a photo today or there CB collection. In these times it is nice to see that some companies now are more social media savvy. CRT also was one of the first to contact the blog and send information about new equipment whether it be amateur or CB or indeed hand-held amateur radios.

And those who know there equipment will see that the collection are all Qixiang sourced. At the moment, my personal opinion in the budget market Qixiang is the king. With the Smart and the Micro they changed the world. Which of the companies will be smart now to take on the Apollo II which although is now not available, it will be something social when it arrives. Let us see who will take on the radio first?

In this market Qixiang is the king. Meaning in radios retailing at €46-€59 retail price point. For what you get in such a price point. For market prices €99-€229 the market is more open with other radios & features etc available.

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