President “Website Prepares For The USA”

Appears President is gearing up for the USA market with a new front page of there site which shows USA and Europe options. Nothing new on either site at the moment, so the secret still remains what they deliver in the USA. All we can guess is the President Johnny as its on the truck on the website for the USA

Guess interesting times ahead but will the EU suffer that is the question. To fulfil the market in the USA then sure the EU market will suffer. Less things new, less things the same with a new front maybe. So, what will we have for SSB market? The Grant II Premium as it is now I guess the flagship of the EU series. There is the limited availability of the Jackson II Chrome.

Oh boy back talking about the Lincoln II..

There is of course the Lincoln II in v3. Some EU based knowledgable radio men forecast its demise during 2016. You know what? I’d keep it for now. If you service an area as big as USA for radios then you need keep stuff for EU also. Qixiang, let us be fair they’ve made errors in almost all 10m radios (mostly firmware, software) but some of the issues with dealing with companies wanting products is language. If someone uses a translator software to write to them, they use another to decode it. Errors can be made.

Speak German or French or Polish into a Bing translator then sure when Google translate puts it into English then troubles occur. I speak to Qixiang a lot, email or Skype and no troubles at all..

Conclusion. If I needed a DIN sized SSB radio today, Uniden are tied hand and feet with making stuff for the President USA and Uniden market so it has to be Qixiang. Invest $130-$150 they make what you want, invest $80-$100 it’s then the factories answer of “we set the price you get the best we can make” and if “you set the price we make the best we can” Qixiang make for Alinco Japan, hand held radios and they work excellently. So, I think not to end, compromise and add Murata inside.

If not Murata then change the firmware a little bit. It needs really small changes. I’ve said it before, backed with videos etc. The radio works well, it has to be learned to use, that’s all. Yes the echo is a hardware modification that’s needed but the radio works well. People have small memories, the original 2830/Lincoln had errors but time has treated these more kindly maybe?

And what comes in 2016 from President Europe? Is it what we want or need, or what they think we need.

Maybe make some Stabo more EU wide accessible. The XM4060e based on Uniden 680 works very well as an example of cross over.

Time will tell.. One man’s voice against authority

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