President Virginia “Longest DX” Updated

So the challenge I set myself was to see how far can be achieved on a President Virginia antenna on a biscuit tin outside the window. And as it is weekend time the challenge opens again for me, I await delivery of a Florida Export Antenna which will be the next antenna to take part in the Wizard challenge.


So the updated contacts are with 50w SSB

Hague Holland 1166km / 724.5 miles

Simo, Finish Lapland: 2044km / 1270 miles

So the challenge continue onwards during the next weekends.

There were some people who thought was waste of time. But 490mm antenna on a tin lid. I think the fact that it works so well is indeed very interesting. Not designed for DX contacts, remember this before criticise it. It is about relevant distance to price paid. 40 euro or so, and works so well. Let the fun continue

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