Happy Easter From simonthewizard.com

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter and a great weekend from the blog. During the next weeks we’ve some beauties lined up and they will be shared here just and as when the news is available. There will be antennas, maybe a radio or two and maybe some other things. Just now its time to chill and spend some time with friends Jack & Daniels or  Ron Bacardi.

It’s been a manic three months with lots of subjects discussed, radios discussed, antennas waited for, new stuff, old stuff and all the things in between so now a few days chilling unless something new and interesting comes and then it’ll be added ASAP.

The News Is:

Strykers A10 Antenna can it find an EU reseller?

Stryker SR-955HPC (I’m asking about all the updates)

Gain-Master HW is let loose on the public, first tests have to happen early April to mid April

Whose got a new radio coming to the market?

Sirio P-5000 LED (Should be released and what’s the news?)

Is there a price yet for the CRT-2000

These are some of the subjects we will be looking at in the next few weeks, uncovering stones and asking around the people that know and if they know will they tell us?

Happy Easter Everyone


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