CB Repeaters Netherlands “On Air Now”

Thank you so much to Gerard and Jaimy from the Netherlands who’ve wrote about “CB repeaters” that are now active. Over the course of the last 12-18 months these have become more popular on air. I myself have spoken to Germany, Poland and Russia via the once very loud and (Parrott) active link in Saratov which I’ve not heard now in almost a year I guess. So the news below.

Easiest of all is re-print there message to me with all the details and links and please go click and see all the information.

Let us first introduce ,our names are Gerard and Jaimy cb calls Golf Mike and Jaimy hi. We started a few weeks ago with the creation of a big Cb repeater in the Netherlands .We now have several CB tx /rx stations active on CB .

A pair of them works simplex which are coupled to a duplex repeater in the Netherlands . The duplex Cb repeaters works on Repeater Frequentie: Kanaal 11 (27.085) Ingang Kanaal 18 (27.175) Shift: +0.080 .

The simplex stations are actief on channel 11 ( 27.085 .

We are working whit a Co Channel system, So as a repeater tx they do all of that and also whit RX the cbérs can use a tx whit no shift of if the can a shift .

we make the repeater system the same as the great amateur repeaters PI2NOS and PI3UTR (https://www.hobbyscoop.nl/status/pi2nos/)

We use a simple raspberry pi a usb audio card a cb transceiver and the program svxlink and it works perfectly.

and, of course, the internet for conveying the received signals, etc.

We are actually wondering if there is anywhere in the world a country whit a CB repeater system consists of svxlink ? you know maybe .

Almost 25 cb repeaters are connected to our system and it is becoming more .

Of course we know of the existence of voice over IP programs and servers ,but these never cover an entire country at least not in Netherlands .

We also have a facebook ( WRLP Repeater System Nederland )

There, people can of course take a look .

Of course we also look beyond the borders and would appreciate it if want to participate more cb ers from other countries .
We give all the help and they are more than welcome.

In the next days there will be an online audio stream of the CB repeaters .

73 “” Simon 

Gerard and Jaimy

Now with sporadic-E season we’ve got to go track these links down. The more people involved the better. Anybody spoken via the repeater then drop me a video here if you’ve recorded it and it’ll be featured here.

And a link to the CB Repeater Page: http://wrlp.tk

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