Anytone AT-6666 DSP “Tuning” High Power

Everyday and every week there are more and more contacts made here to the blog with tuning and or modifications to mostly it has to be said Qixiang made and Uniden made CB radios to “make them better” and this time the radio is the Anytone AT-6666 and the modifiers are Saxon in Poland, and this time it is power and also DSP fitting that’s been done.

We all know that some of the recent radios released are noise boxes. Some have tried to fix this and some have not. Seems that the idea of a DSP for AM mode is interesting. I’d have like to see this in SSB but apparently the video isn’t made or cannot be shared I’m not sure which it is.

Hope that you enjoy the videos.

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2 thoughts on “Anytone AT-6666 DSP “Tuning” High Power

  1. Nice power, but the radio has insufficient cooling even on stock 50W, so you will probably burn the radio on 70W with longer TX. The radio gets extremely hot!!!


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