UR6QW 8 Band EQ With Echo Effect

When I first featured this equaliser I received many emails asking me to sell this EQ and where could I send it. Then after sometime the emails stopped and now again recently they’ve started and this time to give ideas where it is best to set the EQ for some radios. Below is the maker of the EQ and how he sets it up for the Icom IC-756 Pro. Maybe this helps a little?

Remember the EQ now can be supplied with many configurations so I’m told, the latest emails told me about 6 pin plugs and also RJ45 ending cables for some series of Yaesu. If you need more information then contact the seller from eBay whose name is: HFVHFPARTS and sure they can help you as they are the sellers of the EQ

Sure if you’ve a Kenwood, Yaesu etc the video doesn’t help so much. It’s supplied for those who asked if there was a way or a video to show a basic set up, this was the best that I could find. And remember I’m Simon the Wizard not Sergey the Wizard as far too many had thought.

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  1. its OK
    but was deeply disappointed when mine arrived from him and 3 of the 8 eq pots were poorly soldered so much so you had to press down on the face to get them to work and the echo control did not work as a resistor from it to the mother board was earthing out (shorting the echo control out)
    BTW its not a easy unit to work on due to all the controls are soldered direct tot he mother broad and some what fiddly to remove board to solder some thing on it
    once fixed and i alerted him to this he was somewhat no comment…which put me off buying more (i also wanted to test a 5 eq unit but ended up borrowing one while my friend borrowed mine)

    once going it does its job however the smaller 5 eq unit is more than enough for most radios due to tx audio bandwidth limits on the 8 eq unit the lower and upper eq pots have no real effect unless you widen the tx audio response of your transceiver
    from the usual 2.6-2.8khz to 3.5khz+
    after the initial testing phase it now resides in the cupboard with all the other gismos of a similar nature and gone back to stock mic
    all in all if you dont need echo (roll eyes) get the 5 eq unit ,the 5 eq unit is more than enough for 99% of SSB operators .

    on air once setup to match the type of mic you use and output levels to radio it works well..i ended up adding a bypass switch (to bypass the whole eq unit to compare with stock mic) and a programmable Rodger beep to it before retiring it to the cupboard of doom


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