President Lincoln II + Your Q&A Answered

Got a lot of messages via forums, emails from those who have it and also from the contact form. So the most asked questions I’ll answer below. But the disclaimer is some of the questions you answer yourself and they aren’t exactly as you think so bare this in mind please.

This is the same as V3 but bug fixes only: Yes you could think this and indeed some bugs have been squashed but it is more than that. The radio responds better than before, it’s receive is better, more power than before. Best description is there is a lot more President in this radio than in others (maybe)

Volume, Power, RF Gain, Squelch more fluid in movement and agile

Mike Gain raised to level 56 from 36 so you can drive your audio a little harder

Minus: The signal meter is a bit rigid. There needs to be a balance between normal and hyper active. Must be firmware related. But doesn’t effect your use of the radio.

Echo seems different and sound was good from box and not over powering or too harsh

Less Robotic in sound. Sounds a little less processed and is more natural sound than before

Receive is a mixture between a Jackson II and a Lincoln 1 if you needed to sum it up.

PC Software is it version dependent: Already covered this and it just works on the + Lincoln. You can buy programming leads from eBay, Radiozing and others. You can bypass the micro USB on the back and use a AT-5555 lead but it makes the board around the chip warm. Best wait and use the micro USB cable that is / will be designed for the + radio

Is this a V4 Lincoln After You Told V3 Is Last: Not at all, this is in many ways a different radio and not just a next edition like V3.2 to V4 in the AT-5555 series of before. I’d call this a V07 as many changes, upgrades, better firmware, how it behaves to the user it’s different than past versions.

Is it better than the V3 or Grant II Premium: You can’t compare like for like really but in my opinion (my words, my feelings) it blows away the V3 Lincoln II which was more DNA not of President in my mind. They’ve listened to many users who wrote and reacted with a from the ground up changes here and there. Grant II Premium? Yes it does actually beat it

Frequency Extension: Yes but not in the same way as before. President “was always President” and everybody knew there ways. In my belief it needed to change as it was getting old, agencies getting smarter and to adopt a new change I’d implement for all CB or Ham from the cheapest to the top models. Yes it’s there and different 24.8-30.1

USA: I’ll answer the President USA way. Yes it will be sold in the USA sometime during 2017 as now all units are sold out pre ordered in Europe. Plus McKinley USA comes end of October

Availability: It’s out there. Just needs time to get from France to your nearest dealers.

Liberty: It worked better for me than on V3, and yes it’s compatible. Just add a 3.5mm to 3.5mm lead to the extension speaker socked and into the liberty base and then audio just comes via the liberty Mike.

How Do I Know I don’t buy a V3: The box, it says on it President Lincoln II +

Other Videos: Try YouTube M0OGY and when radio more out there

The other questions I’ll answer directly but these were the most common questions that came. But guys I’m not customer care, ask your dealers they’ll know stuff too. I was lucky enough to have and look at one sure but it went away quickly too so I don’t have one, it’s not here, I can’t add more photos only what I have on the camera and I’ll add them soon.

I tried the radio early I was lucky. But I can just tell you what I saw in those times that’s all.

More soon.

The funniest I’ve been emailed so far “it’s internally almost same as my  Alinco DR135 which is £100 less and works the same” Get your head out of the sand! You compare your Nokia 3310 to a Samsung S6 they are the same as both mobile phones. Of course you’ve tested this new radio with your Alinco DR-135UK so have right to email me it’s the same? People who’ve got both can of course comment and blog is yours as always to write your review here.

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