M0OGY Daves Got A President Lincoln II + Review Coming Along Shortly 

David M0OGY is the owner of a new and shiny Lincoln II + in the U.K. As the photo below will show you. You’ll need to get hold if him to find out whose got them as I don’t know anything about the U.K. release of the radio. I’ll add his YouTube video links when he’s made them

So you see there out there! Mind was an old one 00007 whilst Daves is 00097 I believe. Some people were f’ed off when I wrote “The radio is sold out in Europe” my meaning was all units are on way to dealers for them to sell them and not you can’t get one. Sorry for the bad explanation, so but the dealers and see what’ve got to say! 

And dealers, when your getting them add your offer here and we will publish it directly on the blog 

Link To Davids YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/jlgmx7m

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