President McKinley EU ? No News Here

Five emails during the last eight days asking me whether I can confirm that the EU version of the USA released radio is around the corner. I can honestly say that “no chatter heard” absolutely nothing heard anywhere from anywhere in Asia or Europe. With the recent release of the Andy ASC and Barry FM in Europe I’d suggest the USA would be next to get something new. This we’ve mentioned earlier the possible models so no need to rehash old stuff here.

Other blogs and websites hear news that often I’ve not heard about or have knowledge of. So check others out too as at the moment I can say “no news and no dates at all heard of”

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2 thoughts on “President McKinley EU ? No News Here

  1. Hi simon,
    I wouldn’t right it off yet too early,
    they maybe holding back and getting feedback in the field,as USA version hasn’t really been “field tested” much and maybe being cautious this time round.
    They may also be doing more market research,plus tooling and redesigns in R&D,as previous one FCC board.

    It makes sense after the problems with the previous EU brand ssb sets,they may want to just get it right and not rush it out too fast onto market.

    Maybe we could get a vote poll going on EU version of McKinley,maybe some one in right place may see it Si?

    I would like to see a hands free bluetooth module fitted for mobile uses,as driving laws gone anal on holding fist microphones in cars while driving and want any excuse to prosecute or fine nowadays.

    Well stranger things have happened,I personally would like a EU\UK Am,Fm,SSB version!
    Fingers crossed.

    Rob 73’s


    • Hi Rob,
      I was asked if it’s coming “soon” and I haven’t heard a thing. That’s what it was about. If it comes it would be a whole different radio to the USA version so would need time.

      Hope your well



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