Stryker SR-A10 “Walcott Radio”

Thanks to the guys who’ve sent me a message with a deal on a super antenna in the USA. The new base loaded SR-A10 was released a little on the quiet side but the antenna appears to be doing all the talking recently. A little later I’ll have the antenna here on the blog as I’ve got one here and just needs to get a little warmer to go out on the hills and see how this antenna is working, but it’ll be here as soon as possible.

But if it works 1/4 as good as the 3/8th version it’s going to really kick some ass.


Direct Link:


Read the comment that this offer is against dealer policy in USA. Like many posts this was sent to me via mail and was checked on the dealer site page. Remember dealer rules etc when you look at the advert, so check directly with Stryker Radio or Sky-tronics about the validity of all available offers.

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