CRT Bundles At Radiozing

Came across some interesting radio bundles online from Radiozing. Where they differ from others is that the antenna as part of it is actually a good one and not something that is like a dummy load when attached to the radio. Add onto this the radios in the bundle are good, plus adding an amplifier is also useful. Below are the photos and an eBay number to check out.

CRT One N, Patchlead, KL-203 Amp, Sirio ML-145 = EBay number: 192136899436

The second package:

CRT-2000, KL 203 Amp, Patchlead and Antenna Sirio ML-145 = EBay number: 302259990819

Yes some will cry there is no SSB. But actually many don’t want SSB if returning to our hobby so a decent start up pack is more interesting. Well done Radiozing… Now I wonder what’s next?

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