Thunderbolt SSD58 By Hawkins Radio

Something new and thanks to Scott from DR for sending me the link to this antenna. Hawkins Radio have released a new antenna, the details will be below in there own words as then nothing is mistaken. Seems interesting to me! Not sure if they ship anywhere outside of the UK at this time but below are the photos and the news. They’ve also a 1/2 wave antenna available also.

And the news in the makers own words:

Thunderbolt SSD58 5/8th Wave Portable CB/11m/10m Antenna System £59.95 + £5.50 P&P

A 5/8th wave portable antenna developed over three months and subject to rigorous field testing. They are hand built to order by ourselves. Built with proven designs (T2LT) in mind and still retaining the redeeming features. We followed 3 design principles:
Simple to use and mount, folds up compact for back packing.
Works with a much higher performance.
Rugged and built to withstand the rigours of outdoor use
These antennas are a vast improvement over a T2LT. Mount it on a 10m telescopic fibreglass roach pole or hang it up a tree. Use your imagination! Proven to have 2 s points on transmission over a T2LT antenna. They also have a much wider bandwidth making you able to put up and forget when switching frequency. No more fiddling about in poor weather. 0′ optimum gain radiation angle makes for a good antenna for both groundwave and shooting skip. Extra gain over a conventional 1/2 wave dipole makes your signal stronger (ERP) and the ideal piece of equipment for QRP use. The antenna design during field testing has reached several 11m DXCCs including 173 div, Reunion Island 400 miles East of Madagascar, Indian Ocean. 6200 miles from our location. Using one of these antennas could mean the difference between being heard or not being heard at all.
Description: End Fed 5/8th Wave Dipole
Length: 7.2m

VSWR at Centre Frequency: 27.500MHz <1:1.2

VSWR over Bandwidth: 26.065MHz to 29.700MHz <1:1.5

Power Handling: 400W continuous 800W Short Time

Gain: 1-2dBd over conventional 5/8th antenna

Radiation Pattern: 0′ Optimum Gain

That’s all the news I’ve got at the moment.

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  1. where can you buy one of these antennas from, Simon ? I can’t find anything on Hawkins Radio or I’m looking in the wrong places !


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