Google CB Doctors The End Of…

I’ve been speaking to a few people and the new and latest idea will kill off the idiotic English statement “The Factory made my radio quieter”** or “The Factory made my radio not as I like it” and how?** All potentiometers away, nothing for people to tweak, tune or adjust! It’s all gone and only way make changes is via software and a new and very smart and clever factory mode. Gone will be the day of an extra few watts, more audio, more anything. It’s gone! Use what you’ve got as it’s not going to change at all.

The board will be smarter, the cost of which eventually will drop due to different parts being used and not any need for adjustments. So the future will be what you get is sure what you buy. This can also make repairs easier in some ways due to not so much inside can go wrong as will not be tinkered around with by users.

No way to turn up the deviation

No way to convince another 1 watt of power

No Squelch Adjustment

No RF Gain Adjustment

We’ve started to see it in the 2017 version of the Uniden 980 come to think about it but this news above is not from Uniden but seems they’ve started it also. I’ve watched many a video when someone complained about the lack of adjustments. Who will implement this? Other than the radio mentioned no news here at all so far.

So the future appears to be changing and quickly.

** Don’t like it, that’s life! It’s where I get asked these questions from. In 5 years it’s the nation that moan the most, hate new stuff the most, complain how radios are made low audio, made low power. I get the emails, and need to reply. So it’s based on received messages.

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11 thoughts on “Google CB Doctors The End Of…

  1. All in all this will be good for the hobby … the only downside is that qualified techs will lose some business correcting so-call “peak & tunes” from other so-called “techs” …


  2. Same way commercial Land Mobile and Commercial HF radios going,dealer software tune up only,this is not anything new as such .Been on the cards for a while in Electronics Industry.but now feeding down to consumer 2 way radio.
    There is one advantage consistent tune ups,down side software glitches and batches of radios can get messed up without the human factor if QA is sloppy,possible fixes user upgrade patches may become the thing?
    Been done in Land Mobile Radio ,so maybe this will trickle down to consumer grade CB radio completely at some point.
    Some manufactures may go against this option of complete 100% software control,personally as a Radio engineer I dont see this being a real negative thing,as like I said Land Mobile Radio have been doing this method for quite a while and it works well.


  3. How sad would that be to lose the ability to “unlock / tweak / modify / boost / crank / expand”…etc. wich has always been part of the cb’ers DNA !!! oh well…there’s always Hamsphere…


    • I checked again, what’s effected is RF Gain, Mike Gain, Power, Squelch, Signal Meter. The variables will be gone away. Unlock etc yes will be there but the “just need extra few watts” adjust low audio will all be gone


  4. If your going to take the P*** out of the English, its “off” . on a brighter side it should put an end to all the splatter on sideband


    • I have here so so many messages

      Factory made my radio quiet
      I need adjust power. Need more
      President made my radio sh1t
      Need make my radio do 50w

      That is just a start. Only country that asks me, or tell me all radios sent to UK are not made right.

      Look at forums you can read it all….


  5. it will mean you can set it up the way you like by your Pc and no need to open the cases on the radio and screwdriver cannot
    monkeys get in, I think this will become the norm on most radios in the future


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