February Month Of The Bill “Coming March” Updated

It’s the second month of “12 months of President” and this time they announced a mini radio with both channel and frequency display. And it comes with a USB connection so allows you the chance to charge your phone. No price is known at the moment but the radio will be in your local dealers soon.

And how did we know something was coming? Look below

Looks really quite interesting and of course the first President in the “mini radio market” But it’s going to be price that will sink or swim this radio.

Link: https://tinyurl.com/ya8o8a7k

– 40 channels AM / FM

– 12 V

– USB 5V / 2.1A

– Up/down channel selector

– Volume adjustment and ON/OFF

– Manual squelch and ASC

– Multi-functions LCD display

– S-meter

– ANL filter, NB, HI-CUT

– F function key

– Beep Function

– Roger Beep

– Mode switch AM / FM

– Preset channel programmable

– TOT (Time out timer)

– Front microphone plug

– Microphone Electret or Dynamic

– External loudspeaker jack

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9 thoughts on “February Month Of The Bill “Coming March” Updated

  1. Interesting they not going 12 and 24V and first president without vox (not that w need it) in a long time
    I just hope it not smell like cigars when it get hot 😉


  2. Quick update yes they have toned down the RX specs, looking at technical specs sheet much more sensible levels,well done President.

    Maxi. sensitivity at 20 dB sinad : 0,5 µV – 113 dBm AM / 0,35 µV – 116 dBm FM

    less is more approach.
    Frequency image rejection rate : 60 dB
    Intermediate frequency rej. rate : 70 dB

    thats not to bad either.,would like to see that figure a little higher around 75-85 dB but that will add costs in extra filtering dept!
    Adjacent channel not so much of an issue nowadays on cb band.

    roll on a video now Simon…soon?


  3. Liking it,looks solid bit of kit,hope thats die-cast chassis used,looks like it is, a bit AE-6110?
    hmm heat-sink on back wonder if has extra woof woof?
    6 pin electrec microphone nice

    Hope they have tuned down the RX sensitivity a bit so not soo000 sensitive,like similar china sets hitting HF noise floor
    and 3-4 S-bars of extra noise! not need on upper HF part of spectrum -118dBm to -120dBm is about max you want and no more,more so in AM mode,prob a RF gain in menu system,be nice if could set gains independent of modes ,be handy feature ie Am=80% FM=100% RX gain ,and remember user setting,just an idea!

    FM noise squelch please fit,in urban areas helps so much better than Carrier squelch esp mobile.
    Looking forward seeing this Simon,looks a positive steep for budget and mini cb users


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