*NEW* “Russian” Luiton LT-308

My sincere thanks to Blake whose sent us all some interesting information here about the Luiton LT-308 which in looks is very similar to the Anytone AT300/310 series of radios externally (Team TS-9m, Allamat 408) But we’ve got some inside photos and it’s indeed a very different beast on the inside.

Even the radio on the box below is different to the enclosed radio above

Inside Story now below

And Blake’s words below about the radio.

Hi Simon,

As you can see, the buttons are different (they work differently too).

9/39 is replaced by Band.

Rather than setting a norm on power-up, you simply press the Band button to select any of the “export” bands (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) by pressing the + or – buttons, then squelch or ASC (no need to power cycle).

Also available are the same bands as “zeros” (minus 5kz).

Scan works with or without squelch closed.


Blake, 43DX929

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  1. I have the Luiton LT-308 with the 9/19 button Russian version is 10 watts 12 bands, to change bands press the 9/19 button
    it will display the band you are on, use the up/down button to change the band, to store and exit the band press any of these buttons am/fm/rfg/sc, receiver on my radio is very noisy needs more work on noise limiter/noise blanket circuits.

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