AT Contest On A Thunderpole 5

Time was for a change and needed an extra few cm as the antenna is almost below the roofline of the house at some 120m ASL so decided to fit up the Thunderpole 5 for the weekend and the Alfa Tango Contest in celebration of the 40 years of the Alfa Tango DX Group. Idea was run the antenna and see what was going to happen.


Wiped out. 90-100kph winds and rain so nothing happened. Was sit in the warm with a jack and coke and watch the storm


Day started well and SWR was fine between the frequencies I needed and although the band was quiet it had the coughs and wheezes it has when something would happen. Managed to speak with 48AT109 in Saudi Arabia so was a good start to the contest. Add to this contacts in Italy at 894km and 851km from my location so not bad at all.

Sunday Afternoon:

Band was sleeping from around 1130 till 1500 then someone switched the switch and some low voices began to appear. In a matter of around two hours managed to work Germany, Netherlands, Italy and the UK. The UK was the strange skip when in a massive country to hear 3 voices from around the London area and that’s about all. Again some massive signals from Germany Oliver 351, Juergen 013 and a few more and then around 1730 the band started closing fast.

All In All:

Worked 24 people on Sunday and some SES stations 14 / 19 and 26AT40Y and under the conditions and the antenna height I’m satisfied.


President Grant II Premium (2018 August build from Germany) Seems a bit different

Président Liberty Mike & Konektor5000 Densei EC-2002

Thunderpole 5 on a 2 metre water pipe against the fence in the garden.

Next Stop

Sugar Delta Contest In November

Furthest Contact:

48AT109 Khalid Saudi Arabia

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