*AMP* RM MLA-100v

Ronald from Truckerswereld in the Netherlands has been in touch and he’s got a new amplifier in stock from RM costing €599.95. We’ve got the specification and also the photos of the new amplifier. Ronald ships pan-EU so remember to ask him directly for a shipping quote for the amplifier.

  • Operation Frequency: 1.8—30 MHz & 50—54 MHz
  • Modulation Types: SSB,CW,AM, FM, data etc (All narrowband modes)
  • Transistor: 2x Mitsubishi RD100HHF1
  • Max I/P Current: 16A
  • Power Supply: 13VDC+/- 1V 25A
  • Input Fuse 1x20A
  • Input RF Power: 1-10W max (All modes)
  • Output RF Power: 100W max HF 80W 6m
  • Maximum bypass power (Amplifier off): 50W max
  • Input VSWR: 1.1—1.8:1
  • Output VSWR Maximum: 2.5:1
  • Harmonic Output: >-50dBc 1.8-30MHz & >-60dBc 50-54 MHz
  • Excessive input power, high temperature and excessive VSWR protection (limited)
  • Cooling fan on the heat sink
  • Size: 78mm x 190mm x 182mm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg

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