Remembering CB Radio

Something different again this time. With thanks to Joe whose sent us a link to the recently published Appalachian magazine and an article called “Remembering the days of CB radio” The article covers our excellent hobby and also the reasons why it isn’t so busy in the area where the writer of the article is. Follow the link below to the original article.


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3 thoughts on “Remembering CB Radio

    • Absolutely true. End of 1978 sat in the back of a Chevette with a mag mount on the boot. Jack the local policeman cycles up and stops. Evening Roger, Simon, Alec. You boys should be careful playing with CB Radio. And cycled on! Roger ripped the wires out and for at least 3 months we used the CB on the magnet in the loft. Listening through the winter to the American and Canadian voices.. Brilliant Stuff 🧙‍♂️

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    • Oddly enough it was my Grandmother that got into the CB first! Her handles was Wooden Spoon. First base we had was around 1979/80. A Pearce-Simpson Tiger 40A with an 18ft whip. I then had one on my push bike 🙂


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