President McKinley EU Price??????

I’ve posted a price sometime before and was told it was wrong so I’ve deleted the article. Now I’ve seen online another price that was sent to me from a Polish operator in the UK called “Magnum12” so it’s on the website and I’ll post it here with the proviso it’s possibly wrong, can change and be altered at any time.

* Price was indeed added to show it will be available online and at the store*

Click The Link:

Until it’s on shelves we can keep guessing that’s my theory.

Currency Coversion: 999 Zl *Could be guideline price too*




HUF 72, 902

Different countries have different VAT etc, plus if Brexit turns sour 10% tax would be levied on “transmission devices” according to paperwork the government released in a no deal scenario.

It’s week 12 so let’s “wait and see”

I’ve asked at three different places in three countries and got not any answer. And checking also today President Romania who’ve prices online. McKinley EU isn’t labelled on the site. All usual suspects show absolutely nothing at all….

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