*NEW* Sirio Boomerang Upgraded

The Sirio Boomerang has had an update and is now released. There are two different versions of the antenna. The antenna listed as number 1 is the Boomerang W which comes in at 2180mm and the antenna listed with the 2 is the Boomerang A which is 3180mm long. Both come with 300w handling limit and 26.8-27.6 MHz tunable.

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  1. HINT-1:Use self-amalgamating tape (not insulation tape!)on antenna joints of the metal antenna version and on antenna connection point,once VSWR set.
    As there is no sealing and water will ingress in antenna joints after a period of time ( diagram 2 type ),this will cure this particular problem very cheaply.
    Rubber self amalgamating tape Tape can be found in most DIY shops or Tool Zone Shops.

    HINT-2:For ease of installation use a UHF PL-259 Plug Male Right Angle,make installing a lot easier and no kinking of co-ax to oriels SO-239 connection on side.

    HINT-3:The antenna is slightly directional,point in areas where signals trying to reach are weaker to improve reception.

    HINT-4:Work best when mounted up as high and unobstructed around as possible for optimum Line of Sight (LOS) range.

    HINT-5: Use coax choke method,like T2LT,by wrapping coax in a circle 5 turns on 4-5″ former,

    On a tight budget or awkward place to mount these work fine,as owned a few,even worked DX when conditions right.
    Quick and Easy to set up too and not too large.

    Rob P
    RP Comms UK


  2. Ok if you are limited to what you can put up but 300w is not allot of power,but worked the world on a lot less ideal if you live in a flats only ever seen one and the lad got out well.


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