*VIDEO’s* M0OGY Mc Kinley Review

Below is the link to three videos published by Dave M0OGY about the Mc Kinley from President. A few people have wrote to me mocking some comments in video 2 but please don’t send anymore. This due to the fact that the comments are Dave’s and would be heartfelt and also why complain about someone whose been quite poorly and also spends a lot of his time over the weekend checking out the radio?

To the links:

Mc Kinley EU Part 1: https://youtu.be/rd_seORviK8

Mc Kinley EU First Contact: https://youtu.be/9fx2XWLEgIs

Mc Kinley EU Final Thoughts: https://youtu.be/MAnGYpzZ4XY

On the comments page on my blog some comments came which bad language blocked. Guess Tommy who sent 2 of them maybe is genuine so feel free to comment again but in a polite and courteous way.

Final Thoughts Video:

Dave tells us he doesn’t know the retail price but he’d like to think around two to two and a half hundred quid but doesn’t know. And at around 6 and a half minutes States this was new sealed from the factory, well I hope it was as I bought the damn thing!

Tommy those were your words only made politer. Maybe he paid dealer price, donation to charity I don’t know! Please ask directly via YouTube M0OGY channel but politely and not as rude as you wrote to me! I didn’t review the radios that I had as not mine I simply showed them in EU and expanded mode. When it’s released and purchased it’ll be here. Meantime not my interest in fights and bad mouthing people. Far too much of it happens already online and isn’t deserved.

Enjoy the videos !!

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  1. 100% agree Simon politeness cost nothing and then to comment and use bad language, Dave has done a great job and made the good videos , its a very good radio and its sounds just right , but you will have the moaners but its radio and we should all be friends , I have made many friends and a few I call special friends and all through the Cb..


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