Just Need A Few More Watts!

It’s already started! I nearly spit my breakfast all over the kitchen this morning. And it’s from, drum roll “The UK” no less. An unhappy owner of a President Mc Kinley that missed the memo it was a CB and not a Yaesu (other radios available too) and wrote me a long message via contact form.

I’ve a Mc Kinley and need make it work better. I need a few more watts, make FM audio louder and also adjust the echo on the board. It’s alright like but just need to make it better! And f*** it gets hot mind you. AND it don’t behave like a Ham Radio mind ya! Even as it does the ham bands.


Imagine what’ll happen if you try to make more watts based on now how hot it gets? Maybe consider using a lower power level and add a linear maybe as it’ll take some of the stress out of the components if you raise it internally. Echo has adjustments in the menu isn’t that what you need? FM Audio, aha always never ok. I’d suggest let a technician look at it. True it won’t behave like a Ham Radio as it’s a feature packed CB radio. It’s nothing else plain and simple.

If you buy this Mc Kinley it’s a CB! Please if need Ham Radio buy a Ham Radio not a CB!


That’s why a couple of years ago I told a reseller make the Modifications harder, make things more difficult. That’s why I’m also in favor of no adjustment boards. In just this one message I know I was right to promote hardware changes to make test mode and no adjustments in boards whether 4mm or 2mm technology as you get troubles if everything is too easy.

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6 thoughts on “Just Need A Few More Watts!

  1. I agree that the guy is an idiot but I disagree with you saying radios shouldn’t have adjustments. I’ve worked on 100’s of radios and I can tell you many of them were slightly off from the factory in terms of frequency or had modulation set wrong. Having worked on an electronics assembly line in the 80’s I personally know that not every piece of equipment comes out perfect even though it’s supposed to be tested. I think being able to make small adjustments is paramount to having a good talking radio – unless it’s perfectly set up and designed from the factory every time which we know isn’t the case.

    If you don’t know how to fix your car, don’t open the hood, if you don’t know how to fix your radio don’t open the case.

    If a radio doesn’t have tuning points I won’t buy it because I know it will have low modulation.


    • Then many brands will be off your list as it’s general knowledge a few manufacturers are going adjustment free boards and I don’t mean EU’centric either. It’ll happen Q3 19 till Q2 20


  2. I am not a fan of power. I like stock legal radios. If I can hear you, I can talk to you, I get out skip just fine, almost every day on 12 watts ssb. My problem is other peoples power. Mother nature gives me the shot, when she does I sound like I’m right next door 1200 miles away. Another 100 watts would not make any difference, you have the conditions or you don’t. Would more power make for more fun, for me no. I would rather build better antennas and get them up well. I am very lucky where I live the locals all run stock radios, I do not have to cut through this crap locally. If I can hear them locally, I can talk to them. If you want power get a ham license. I would welcome governments enforcing wattage regulations.


  3. Afternoon Simon well
    Said if they want a ham radio why not buy one,the McKinley is a CB not ham an it’s half the price of a good decent ham



  4. Exactly its says CB on the box and its not a ham radio, some times its better with less and the reply a good one Simon, and is this the average ham that’s been licensed these days if it is god help the radio hobby, and if its getting hot turn the power down use a kicker with fan on the kicker and it be ok and a fan on the radio, all my radios used get hot so now there running lower power and run a kicker less strain on the radio, hell I am a cb user and the hams look down on us but, I will never look up to them.


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