Handcrafted In Japan! Azden AZR-1000

Thanks to Toshi from Okinawa for sending me some limited news about a new 1kw amplifier called the AZR-1000. He’s actually sent me a Japanese language PDF with some information and a limited amount of it being in English. Below is all I have currently and I’ll add it when further news from Toshi is incoming.

Update: Check: http://www.azden.co.jp

  • Frequency: 1.8-54MHz amateur band
  • Radio wave model: SSB, CW, (RTTY, FM)
  • Excitation power : 100W or less
  • Rated output : 1000W (when using 700W AC100V)
  • Final voltage : 50V
  • Drain current : 34A max

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  1. AZDEN has taken over activities and some designers of Tokyo Hy-Power after this company filed for bankruptcy in 2013.


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