President Truman “Video” Across The Pond

Emails asking where is the USA video and even I have had a job to find it this morning. Well we’ve got to go back to 2011 for the video of the Truman making the trip across the pond on channel 28 AM. Antenna was a Sirio Gainmaster located at around 40 metres from the ground and located around 500m ASL. The amplifier was an old KL35 if you need the whole facts. It’s an awesome channel 28 AM and I’m often listening here when the conditions are good. Thanks to Kevin “Daddy Longlegs” and also to the other blog who copied my words about working great on AM I guess without every trying the radio.

Radio is a simple no bullshit, no 7 color display, no echo, nothing more than ANL and patented ASC but it kicks ass so well. Sits here on the shelf at the moment as it’s served it’s time in the shack. Sadly discontinued so dealers tell me but a Uniden true blue AM/FM radio and a great AM radio.

Link to the video:

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