President Bill FM-Mod-Max

That’s Peter for sending me the link to Neunerfunk new modification for €15.01 asking me to comment on what it is? Simple for me as I’ve no idea at all and suggest clean up or send me the real email address from you as it bounces all the time! Hardware modification it states. So guys and girls please don’t ask me as my ideas are at zero unless it’s a menu adjust.

You asked me if I had a Bill? Yes I’ve early ones and they are way different to the newer ones. I tried my old one against a new one and WAY better the new but at the moment no newer version here. Maybe later.

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  1. Hi Simon.
    I’m about to buy a President Bill, is there any way to tell the difference from the early ones to the most recent models, year of manufacture maybe?.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Good Afternoon

      Earliest ones are all sold now as was few thousand I suppose. Yes year of manufacture and also President constantly changes stuff so what I one thing today tomorrow is something different. But I’d say you should be fine now


  2. Hey Simon, it`s a Modification for the poor Modulation on the Bill. I think Markus Change a Resistor at the Board and that`s it …Greetings Ingo


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