*VIDEO* First Permanent CB Repeater Vienna

Boom! More great news and this time it’s from Vienna in Austria 🇦🇹 The very first permanent CB repeater is now online and can be accessed. Below we’ve of course got a video from some tests of the gateway and of the QYT QT-58 hand held which appears to be making baby steps in sales across Europe. Enjoy the video!

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  1. Sorry Simon, but I agree to Skipper Kittsee! Apart from the frequency, this video contribution has nothing to do with CB radio. In Austria, CB is limited to 4 W and 8 kHz modulation. However, the handheld in the video contribution is an amateur radio device that requires an operationg license and is not permitted on the frequency shown, and the gateway is obviously also operated with inadmissible amateur radio hardware. 73 frantsch


  2. Sorry Simon! But this gateway in Vienna on channel 33 is really big crap! From a distance of more than 60 km it completely disrupted the reception at the contest on Saturday evening. The transmission power is far too high! Here on a mountain, we are already receiving the same gateway on channels 31 and 39, only from other locations. Vienna stations are already known for their arrogance and their interference on other channels. The call channel 9 has become absolutely unusable as a result of these stations. Important emergency radio exercises are extremely disturbed by the Viennese! So it is no longer fun to go up a mountain for a portable or a contest. Viennese stations are all at home, broadcasting with extremely high output, which is only good for sofa radio operators. No, Simon, this is not good news at all!
    73 Skipper Kittsee


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