3ATXXX/200ID 200 Years Of Independence

🇧🇷 3ATXXX/200ID
Special Event Station “S.E.S.”
ACTIVATION TIME: 00:00 UTC FROM 03.09 TO 00:00 UTC 11.09.2022
The following are the Alfa Tango units in Brazil and participants in this event:
🇧🇷 3AT021/200ID – Amarildo
🇧🇷 3AT059/200ID – Valdecyr
🇧🇷 3AT088/200ID – Ayres
🇧🇷 3AT101/200ID – Fernando
🇧🇷 3AT115/200ID – Dedesma
🇧🇷 3AT136/200ID – Sergio
🇧🇷 3AT139/200ID – Anselmo
🇧🇷 3AT140/200ID – Marcos
🇧🇷 3AT172/200ID – Julio
🇧🇷 3AT204/200ID – Tim
🇧🇷 3AT282/200ID – Beto
🇧🇷 3AT340/200ID – Angelo
🇧🇷 3AT400/200ID – Jose
🇧🇷 3AT555/200ID – Eger
Our intention is to send whoever requests confirmation of this contact a double QSL card, well designed by the manager 3AT111 Junior, as a voluntary contribution.
Operators wishing to obtain a greater number of contacted stations can request via e-mail a digital certificate in gold, silver and bronze according to the number of operators they managed to hunt.
Digital certificates will be awarded after 5 contacts with stations participating in our S.E.S.:
5 to 8 : Bronze
9 to 11: Silver
From 12 : Gold
All requests regarding digital certificates must be made via
junior3at111@hotmail.com, containing the sending of the log for verification.
👉All info sheet: https://bit.ly/3TCikzo
3AT059 Valdecyr
Brazil Coodinator

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  1. Contacto con 3AT021/200ID – Amarildo en 27.495 usb
    17:45 aprox

    Estación móvil 12RAC234
    Equipo cobra 148, 12w ,y antena Tram.

    Quisiera tener el certificado por 200 años de declaratoria de la independencia de Brasil.
    Saludos 73


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