*NEWS* KPO DX5000 Plus “5KC” File

Above is the file to allow update to the DX5000 Plus initial release with NRC. The file contains code for “5kc” option in the menu. You must read information well before attempting this update. Works with some windows software, some not! The software is for KPO radio.. For CRT contact CRT about any possible update.

Massive kudos to KPO and the factory for this release of the update. Top Class indeed BUT remember read all the information before attempting it and if fails or makes a mess of the radio then that’s that really. The factory has made the process as painless as can be in my opinion. I’ve tried it yesterday on 3 radios and worked perfectly under Windows 10 Pro software.

The future is another step closer. I’ve been updating prototypes for years now, yes some went bad, some went ok! But systems now are more stable, work easier. The future today moved closer.

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  1. Hi Simon, thanks for the link regarding the 5k shift. Everything downloaded and uploaded ok. I did struggle initially with connecting my pc and radio and as it turns out the pc cable is not compatible with Windows 11. This was confirmed by Doug at Knights. I actually used Windows 7 on an old laptop for both the v1 and 5k updates with no issues. Cheers n beers 108DD007


    • Yep windows 11 isn’t great with the cable. I needed also use Windows 10 and was fine. On windows 11 they don’t support the drivers within the software.
      Most important is that the 5 arrived on the radio 😊 Thanks for writing it’s most kind. Look forward hear you soon


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