Argo 300

Argo 300

I am so old I can remember when a radio looking like this was called an Amstrad CB901 and that did not have 6 bands and 240 channels (“,)



  1. A multi-EU norm CB901 would be great! I would like the multi-norms on the band switch, so you don’t have to power down and hold down several buttons to enter “secret” menus, etc. The whole idea is that drivers change their rigs as they travel from one EU country to another, but there’s no way you could change something like a Midland 78 plus multi whilst driving!

    I like the lack of channel change buttons on the mike, as it suggests the rig has a “proper” channel change switch (unlike the cheap and nasty rotary channel change on my Midland 78 plus multi that often jumps more than one channel per click, and has done this since new . . . )

    I’m not a fan of liquid crystal displays, as they can get damaged by the wide range of temperatures that vehicle interiors are subjected to in high summer and mid winter. LEDs stand the test of time. Also, the LED signal meter on my Amstrad 901 can show the difference between a 7 pound signal and an 8 pound signal (for example) due to the brightness of the LEDs, whereas a LCD signal meter will either have the segments on or off.

    Here in the UK, we might be getting AM added to what we can legally use. This would make existing multi norm rigs “obsolete” (unless you want to keep changing the configuration from UK to Spain, which can’t be done safely whilst driving on most multi norm rigs). So, there will be a market for a modern day Commtron Nato, and a multi norm version of this would be perfect!


  2. Coffin mike is definitely an improvement over the original Amstrad mike! I remember you would have to squeeze the ptt so hard to get the radio to TX it would hurt your hand!! 240 channels would have been nice in the early days of 27/81 🙂


    • Yes that is so true indeed. I like how the bands are added to the left hand side. Would be nice to see a multi-EU norm CB901 this time round with the new things inside and also a few upgrades


    • Dear Simon,

      This one stirred some fond memories for me. When I was posted in the UK in 1985, the Amstrad was my in-car CB set. Any idea who is selling this set in Europe? I Googled the set and only found Chinese wholesalers.




    • Hi Hans

      At the moment indeed it is only available in China although I am told will be shipped to the EU when a partner is found and more importantly I guess when the CE & ROHS of the radio has indeed been proved



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