Maxlog M-8900 Multi

So here are a few more snippets from the proposed ideas for V7 and the Multi EU version of the radio.

Band 1: 25615-30105
Band 2: 28000-29700
Band 3: 24890-24990
Band 4: 24500-25615
Band 5: Multi EU Norms ( EU, EC, PL, I1, I2, US, NZ, UK, German 80 Channels )

TXCO, ASC, NB, ANL Filter ( and more information to come )

And what sort of price range do you think the radio should fall into?


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  1. A TXCO would be a most excellent addition.
    The video shows it to be an amazingly small radio, and really neat inside!
    It’s nice to see the meter receive the prominence it deserves, and how the SWR is always displayed. In comparison, the meter on the Anytone looks like an afterthought.
    The “kawaii” front panel is different! 😀
    Being able to plug the mic in on the back panel is a great idea – makes in-dash installation easy. They need to add a separate P.A. speaker socket, though. If the extension speaker socket doubles up as the P.A. speaker socket then, when you’ve installed it in the dashboard, you’ll be already using an extension speaker and you can’t be reaching around the back to swap plugs 😉
    Can the FM deviation level be adjusted in the software? If so, you’d pretty much have a rig that nobody ever needs to take apart.
    Other things I’d wish for include a switchable noise operated FM squelch, and a speech processor instead of echo.


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