Silly Season Returns


Now this is something I am not sure of, based on what I was told it can swing either way at the moment. There is a rumour I received via SMS from France that the AT6666 was delayed as there is maybe a company going to take the radio on as an exclusive. I’ve heard now two times from two places a similar story but honestly I cannot see it. But what I do remember is that the radio has the ability as either installed or as an option of CTCSS/DCS the same as the Lincoln II. Also the radio has channels and VFO Mode.

So that makes me think that sure the Lincoln II has VFO mode as it has CTCSS/DCS

And I love the power options: AM Mode 60w PEP, FM Mode 50w and SSB 60w

There are only in my mind two people that know the real reason, know the real truth and one of them is a genius who reads my blog and sure he knows. I know he cannot comment also sadly but I think it could be an interesting situation some months down the line now.