An RM Made For Us The PMR Men


On the hill with your Baofeng connected to the 12v via the battery adapter then this is the box for you. 5w input makes 100w output and will work well with the 446MHz free band if you want to make a statement. Uses a lot of power so would need external battery sadly but I would love to do this from the 1000m hill near German Border from inside the Czech Republic to see how it works. Plans are in action,,,,, watch the you tube later in the summer

3 thoughts on “An RM Made For Us The PMR Men

  1. Not sure if that’s a nice thing to do. You will be all over eastern europe on 446Mhz, with only a few that can really reply to you with those small antennas/low power PMR’s. My guess only. But I do not mind to see that video….for testing purposes only I mean….European law on PMR’s should change (power and antenna). If so, we would have so much more fun!


    • Of course your correct and it is not legal or recommended to play with this. It was part joke and part fun to call from hill and say if you hear me email me. Just to see how far you can be heard 🙂


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