Its In The DNA


A photo that was as quickly taken off the website as it was added way months ago. This is a clear indication that there is indeed like with all Anytone an Export mode. My guess as wild as it maybe is that the radio is the same idea of 25615-30105 in export mode. The reason? So, this shows the radio sitting at 26.790 and BAND C on the display. This shows what could be LOW Band. Channel number is not correct, it shows channel 16 where it should indeed show channel channel 24 which is 26.785 so this means there can be sure more than 40 channels per band, again like the Anytone series.

This in mind, then could be:

A: 25615-26055

B: 26065-26505

C: 26515-26955

D: 26965-27405

E: 27415-27855


G: 28315-27855

Then the bands H-I taking the radio to the top of the 10 metre band. Add this to the speculation the radio has VFO MODE this could mean that like with the Stryker channelized mode was 25610-30110 and then VFO Mode was 24000-31000 there is a case where it could be so. But it is not in the DNA of the original Lincoln the 25MHz upwards, this was with some Jacksons and then onwards with the Jackson II.


  1. Soooooo, if this radio is going to marketed as a 10 / 12 m radio make it like one then. It looks so cheap, but I understand that there is a market for this type of radio in the East (India) and indeed some Eastern EU countries.

    I understand we all have our own tastes but I am sure that the front can be designed to be more functional and as hinted to in a few comments some functions left off and replaced with others……or dare I say it just left off to free up the cluttered fascia.

    As Stephen said this has no DNA (on the outside) of a Lincoln and I suggest with tech moving on as it has none inside.

    Maybe President are trying to make a quick buck by using the pedigree of the Lincoln and if rumor is true, the Grant. Think outside the box and market this as something brand new.

    I imagine this and the Grant II in a cover something similar to a Maxlog m8800. Ihave not seen any dimensions of the radio though I imagine it about DIN size for the intended market, which is NOT UK.

    Maybe a few buttons on the mic like ASQ?


  2. well and we see it not got the dna of the Lincoln but it will a good set with a very good band width and with vfo mode one very good set lets hope the reviews are as good as the set looks Simon


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