Wanted For Crimes Releasing Radio Specifications


As well as receiving thanks about the radios that I have talked about ahead of time there is always the backlash that some think I have, deserve and in some cases looking back there are some radios that I wish I never talked about so early but that is a lesson learned for me. Won’t do it again so early. Back in 2013 an incredible clever man with design named Steve “Cherokee” designed me some fun wizards. He has a knack for this that is incredible and I thank him for his ideas.

To explain to people who don’t know me I guess it is like a rush when you see something and the nature is to run to the hills and shout it loudly. Sometimes it works in your favour and sometimes not. Those who read the blog or see the magazine or indeed watch my you tube there is a lot of stuff with “President Electronics” and the reason for this when I was getting into CB and made my first call it was on a President Radio. So I have always had an eye on them, see what they are up to. It is like the Marlboro Cowboy from way back, many bought these cigarettes to imagine themselves in the lifestyle of this cowboy.

So, that is why I look for all stuff that is coming, and President especially as they do make the best. Although I have been non complimentary sometimes in words the fact is the radios work well. Lincoln with a KL500 and a Sirio 4000 made me well over 200 countries between 2001-2005 from the Czech Republic alone. I worked an AT expedition from Niger from 3 countries in 3 days from the mobile. Czech Rep, Slovakia & Hungary. So it all adds to the mystique.

So expect the blog to continue but time is that maybe not everyday there is something new, but when time and when the urge to speak there will always be something. AND REMEMBER IF YOU FIND SOMETHING and want to add it here then drop me a message on the contact page and WE WILL add it here too.

Knowledge is more power with CB Radio when shared after all.


  1. Very true Simon, I also hate people writing rubish about “chinese crap” without ever bying a new radio. I myself like to buy radio’s with new techniques and true sometimes they suffer imperfection on first release. But if people don’t buy, manufacturers can not invest in new designs. Keep your reviews and video’s coming Simon as they were often a reason for me to buy a new radio.
    BTW Still waiting for my preordered Lincoln II……Hope Februari is definite!


    • Agree Agree Agree !! I get a lot of emails from people who say I’d buy this or that radio if it did this and that. But the ones who usually talk the most buy nothing just look for excuses.

      I’ve been stung before, bought some real dogs of radios! But like with a horse fall off, get back on and try again

      February: Me too! Hope it comes too ūüôā


  2. well said Simon always glad to here you and watch your videos and your very good reviews keep them coming


    • People sadly think I do stuff just to annoy where actually I have a lot of respect for the companies who invest time, engineering and heaps of money so this hobby goes forwards. True I read people writing rubbish the reasons why they will not buy something. If people don’t invest into buying something market shrinks and less good stuff comes. Vicious circle


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