President Grant II In The Open


As clean you can eat your dinner off the board. Buttons that click, display that pops when you look at it meaning it is sharp, clear and well defined. Is there a winner on the hands from the President Electronics Company? Think it could be. £199.95 in the UK so order yours now….



  1. … to be honest if we look closer to the board several thing are missing like the RF shields (marks present on the board) , the ferrite filters like on all uniden radios (replace by cheap wire) , no second transformer, no internal radiators (like JFK II) , etc.
    I think that the Qixiang Lincoln II will be not so cheap built like the Grant II.
    I thing the Grant II is the last radio made by Uniden for President and same President will be asimilated by Quixiang in the near future …. 🙂


  2. Hi Simon! do you have a foto with the other side of the inside board? many thanks and have a nice Sunday!


  3. just great! the MC3361 present on the board! … but why a single transormer?
    can’t wait to see the video! have a nice weekend and enjoy the radio!


  4. Hi….. Is export mode the white wire and the jumper? and have you tried it yet? many thanks Matt


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